​​​​​​​The People's MIssion

March 1939

Towne Blvd Church of God began on Garfield Street in Middletown, Ohio in March of 1939.  Reverend J.L. Sosby and Reverend Albert Creekbaum started the church, called The Peoples’ Mission, with just twelve faithful people. As the congregation grew, they began to seek a larger place to worship.  The church purchased some land on Grand Avenue, and in 1947, they moved into the recently completed basement of their new building. With the new building came a new name for the growing congregation, God’s Community Church. After arriving at the Grand Avenue location, construction on the new chapel soon began. After a year of hard work, the chapel was complete and the congregation became known as the Grand Avenue Church of God.


​​​​​​​Grand Avenue Church of God

Brother Albert Creekbaum continued to pastor this growing congregation on Grand Avenue until 1952 when Reverend Clifford Hutchinson became pastor.  Under Reverend Hutchinson, the church continued to grow, and a new church auditorium was added to the existing church facilities. As ministerial duties increased, Brother Henry Howard was added to the church staff to serve as the associate pastor. Under the capable leadership of Brother Hutchinson and Brother Howard, the church flourished and grew, reaching out into the community with God’s love. Upon Reverend Hutchinson’s resignation in 1969, Reverend Howard served as pastor for the growing and vibrant congregation until Reverend Billy Ball became pastor in 1970.


Towne Boulevard Church of God

Under the leadership of Brother Ball, the congregation continued to grow. In 1978, Pastor Ball led the Grand Avenue Church of God to 3722 Towne Boulevard where the church is today. The main worship center, housing the sanctuary, church office, and class rooms, was completed in 1979. In 1980 Hutchinson Hall, a gymnasium and youth building, was completed and named in honor of former Pastor Cliff Hutchinson. In 1982, a picnic shelter and bus garage was completed to service the vehicles used in the church outreach ministry.

Upon the resignation of Reverend Ball in 1987, the church called Reverend Charles Tarr to be pastor.  Shortly after Reverend Tarr came to Towne, the bus garage was converted into a building for children’s ministry and named the Sonshine Building.  

Reverend Frank Curtis served as senior pastor beginning in 1994.  Under his leadership, the church experienced spiritual and numerical growth, reached many young families for Christ, and  eradicated the church's financial debt. He and his wife Judy served here until January 2008.

In March 2009, Reverend Mitchell Burch accepted the call as lead pastor. He and his wife Shelly officially began their ministry at Towne Church on June 28, 2009, where they faithfully served until Shelly and her mother were tragically killed in a car accident on May 13, 2015.

Dr. Claude Robold, acting as interim, aided Mitch during his grieving process. After returning to his role as lead pastor at the beginning of the New Year in 2016, Pastor Mitch resigned on January 31, 2016, effective on February 28, 2016. Under his leadership, Towne Church gained much needed stability and health; launched successful small groups; and began a successful live streaming ministry, which allowed for Towne's first multi-national service. People from every continent (excluding Antarctica) in over 99 different countries around the world were touched by the preaching of the Word.

Dr. Mark Jackson became lead pastor at Towne Church on November 20, 2016. He had previously served as associate pastor at Towne Church from 1995-2001, where he assisted in preaching and other pastoral duties, oversaw the Christian education department, and led a successful singles ministry. After pursuing further education and pastoring a church in Kentucky, he responded to God's call to return to Towne Church. It was like a homecoming for him and his family!