If you are an instumentalist, we have many opportunities for you to use your talent for God! As a band, we use our musical talents to lead others into the presence of God through corporate musical worship, reading of Scripture, and prayer. There is no limit to the instruments that can be incorporated into worship, and we are constantly looking for people in the areas of piano, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, brass, strings, and woodwinds. Other instruments are also more than welcome! Getting involved starts with a simple audition to determine where you would best fit. The Worship Band rehearses in the Main Sanctuary on Sunday mornings at 8:00am. If you want use your musical instrumental talent for the Glory of Christ, email or call our Worship Pastor, Ed Lovelace, with your interest.

Phone: 513.422.1021

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Video Specialist - Camera Operator

One Video Specialist position is the Camera Operator position. Camera Operators report to the Director of Technical Arts. Camera Operators ensure that Sunday AM services are video recorded. Currently, we record in 1080p60fps. Our goal as Camera Operators is to get the best angles and zooms while considering those watching live online and considering those who will watch the message post-recording.If you're interested in a laid-back position in the Technical realm, this position may be for you. Please send an email to the Director of Technical Arts, Robert White, with you interest.

Video Specialist - Live Video Switcher

Another Video Specialist positin is the Live Video Switcher. Live Video Switchers report to the Director of Technical Arts. These individuals direct video operations from behind the scenes. They communicate live with other Video Specialist crew members in order to provide seamless video production and live transmission. Specifically, Live Video Switchers begin the live stream and SSD recording hardware. During service, these individuals switch from camera shot to camera shot to provide the best viewing experience for our live audience and post-recorded video. If you're interested in ensuring our live stream continues to reach thousands of individuals around the world and enjoy both artistic and technically-minded activities, this position may be right for you. Send and email to the Director of Technical Arts, Robert White, with your interest. Don't worry, training is available for all interested individuals.

FOH Audio Specialist

The FOH (front-of-house) audio specialist reports to the Director of Technical Arts and Worship Pastor. The FOH audio specialist ensures that visitors and congregants have a pleasurable listening experience when they're here. The FOH audio specialist understands that he or she is a vital worship team member who aids the corporate worship experience. While we aren't on stage, we have just as important of a role leading worship while behind the sound board. We take pride in our audio engineering skills. FOH audio specialists at Towne Church monitor regulatory standards (e.g., OSHA) to ensure that everyone has a healthy and safe listening experience.

Currently, we use a Yamaha QL5 digital board and record multi-track to Logic Pro. Training is available and required for new recruits in order to ensure confidence behind the mixer. If you're interested in becoming a Towne Church FOH audio specialist, send an email to the Director of Technical Arts, Robert White, with a statement of your interest at

Live Stream Audio Specialist

The Live Stream Audio Specialist focuses his or her effort on the audio quality of the live stream video. Currently, we pull resources from our Yamaha QL5 (see below) to send a separate feed to the video. The individual(s) responsible for ensuring high quality audio on the video production use an iPad app that control's the Yamaha interface. Mixing a video audio feed is quite difficult because, unlike mixing in a room or space, each instrument and vocal doesn't have its own "3D space" to fill. One of the exciting tasks for the Live Video Audio Specialist is to build this digital space so listeners feel like they're in the church building with us. If you like a challenge and enjoy audio mixing, this position may be for you. If interested, email Robert White, Director of Technical Arts, with your interest!

Safety Volunteer

Safety Team Volunteers report to the Director of the Safety Team.  Safety Team members monitor church premises during services to ensure that congregants can worship in a safe and peaceful worship atmosphere and will show the love of God through the sacrifice of their time, talents, and personal integrity.

Safety Team Volunteers must be able to pass a background check, run short distances, and possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. Prior law enforcement and/or security experience is a plus but is not mandatory.

Email Director Tony Rankin with  your interest. Click below.

Medical Volunteer

Safety Team Medical Volunteers report to the Safety Team’s Medical Director/Physician.  Medical Team members respond to medical emergencies that may occur on church premises and render emergency care, including emergency first-aid as appropriate.  Medical Team members also summon EMS and coordinate assistance to EMS as necessary.

Medical Team Volunteers must be able to pass a background check, run short distances, and possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.  Prior experience as a Physician, Nurse, and/or EMT/Paramedic is necessary.

Email Director Tony Rankin with  your interest. Click below.


Photography at Towne Church is an extremely important volunteer position. Whether you have professional-grade equipment or are great with an iPhone, your photographs could be used to help tell the Gospel, help tell our church story and history, help promote events and activites on our website and social media, help encourage and uplift broken and hurting people all over the world, and so much more! Photographers are needed in services, at special events, and around the campus. If you professionally take pictures or just love to take pictures, being a Photographer at Towne Church may be for you! Let us know about your interest below!


It takes a lot of time to keep the grounds beautfiul at the church. One of the aspects of this task is mowing the grass! The grass is mowed every Thursday, weather permitting. If it can't be done Thursday, it is done Friday. We have some faithful volunteers that commit a few hours a week to help keep the grass mowed. If you're interested in mowing at Towne Church, please email Elliott Mayhon, Facilities Manager, to join the team!

Cafe Barista

Cafe Baristas work in Cafe Connect to ensure delicious coffee is available for all our guests. Cafe Baristas are trained to prepare speciality espresso drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and other espresso favorites. Cafe Baristas are vital team members that can help welcome guests with open arms. If you love great conversation and great coffee, being a volunteer Cafe Barista may be for you! Contact our Cafe Director, Brandon Farler, for more information or to become a Cafe Barista at

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